Women have the right to be prostitutes

In the article, “Women have the right to be prostitutes” Kimberly Klinger makes numerous valid and commendable points supporting why women have the right to be prostitutes.  Typically, one would here the classification of a “prostitute” and immediately think of a busty broad in revealing clothing waling down a damp, dark alley way of a run down city.  Perhaps she is on numerous drugs and is prostituting herself to fund her dirty addictions.  Perhaps all of her sleeping around has given her a few kids she must now feed, and that is why she is doing it.  Or maybe, she just simply chose this as a profession.  In places sch as Amsterdam, prostitution is completely legal, and because it is there are regulations that must be followed in such a career field.  Since it is currently illegal in the United States prostitution occurs completely underground, which allows for no regulations and transfer of numerous STDs.  Along with these diseases prostitutes are also abused by their pimps and in many cases do not have ample living conditions.  The article I read by Kimberly Klinger states that women have the right to do what they please with their bodies, and the government is out of place to decide otherwise.  Legalizing prostitution would reduce the amount of sexually transmitted diseases and would empower the women prostitutes.  These are women who live their lives as free sexual beings, and this is what they are entitled to.  No one has the right to tell them otherwise.  In the underground profession of prostitution girls are forced into it, and are abused mentally, physically, and of course sexually.  But when you allow women to make the choice to become a prostitute it filters out the negative aspects.  This is what Kimberly was emphasizing in her article, and agree 100%.

4 thoughts on “Women have the right to be prostitutes

  1. I agree with the fact that everyone should be able to do what they want when it comes to their body. Prostitution can also be considered a legitimate area when it comes to the definition of a successful business. It pays a ridiculous amount of money, there is obviously a demand for it, and there is a large number of people who are willing to be employed in the area. This business is actually underground only in the fact that it is illegal, because it most certainly is not hidden from the public. Prostitution can literally be seen two blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C. Since there are obviously people that are willing to do an illegal action in public in a place that should have such a large density of police, there is no question in my mind that the fact that prostitution is illegal has little impact on this business. Therefore, it makes more sense to legalize it seeing as it would have the chance to eliminate some of the negatives involving prostitution.

  2. Although prostitution seems morally unacceptable, there is a strong argument, women should be able to do what they want with their bodies. There are no other laws about what a person can and cannot do with their bodies, so why should this be an exception? Seeing the other side, the law was probably enforced to try to lower the rate of STD’s, even though they seem to be backfiring. At first glance of this essay, I felt against your argument, but after reading the facts and the essay in entirety I agree that if it is what the woman wants for herself, no one should have the right to tell her she can not.

  3. I agree- being a prostitute is a bit like being a foot doctor. Yeah, you can get nasty sorts of fungus in weird places, but hey, whatever makes you happy. Additionally, there’s not much of a podiatry blackmarket, which is also a huge plus of legal protection.

  4. This blog holds many interesting points, from a perspective I had not thought of before. I agree when it was said that legalizing prostitution and having regulations would most definatly help to cut back on some of the negative aspects of that pathway. I also agree that every person has the right to do with their own body whatever it is they wish to do so. The only area that I believe to be wrong is if of course it was illegal like it is here in the US. Overall, this blog made a very good argument for what may be a controversial topic.

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